Seven habits of successful people

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Habit 1: don't expect anyone to push you
If you don't go forward, who will push you away? Therefore, a positive attitude is the principle of personal vision.
We often say, "I will not...... Because genetic......" I'm late because......" My plan was not completed because......" We are always looking for excuses or complaints, and consume our lives in our discontent. The difference between humans and animals is that people can actively create and realize their dreams, to improve our quality of life. So, people can effectively responsible for your actions and choices in life do, in response to the environmental attitudes and coping methods to choose; they are committed to have the ability to control things, rather than passively those concerns can not control or difficult to control things; they improve efficiency through the efforts to expand its the scope and the extent of concern.
A positive attitude gives you the freedom to choose". Although we can not control the objective environment, but we can choose to react to the objective reality. Positive meaning is not only to take action, but also on behalf of their own responsible attitude. Personal behavior depends on itself, not the external environment, and the ability to have the responsibility to create a favorable external environment.
Habit two: be loyal to your life plan
We often get lost on the road of life, because the wandering and lost life. But the highly effective person knows how to design their own future. They are serious about what they are going to be, what they want to do, what they want, and what they have to write clearly, as a guide. Therefore, "the end is the beginning" is the principle of self leadership. This will ensure that your actions are aligned with your goals and are not affected by other people or the environment. We call this written plan "mission statement"".
Any existing social organizations need a "mission statement", any enterprise or individual is no exception. Mission statement needs to be evaluated periodically and continuously revised and improved.
Set your goals and go all out. That's what we're talking about doing the right thing at the right time, and doing things right. Why do so many people lose their sense of success? Many people work hard, the ultimate goal of life has not been excavated, just as busy and did not understand your heart what they want, did not look at his life credo: what the hell are you doing? What is the most important thing in your life? What is the focus of your life? Only the establishment of the value of life in accordance with the objectives, in order to condense the will power, go all out and consistently put into practice, it is possible to get the greatest satisfaction.
Habit three: choose not to do more difficult
Everyone's time is limited, so do the important things that you feel the value and the value of life, the highest goal for your contribution is something; to do less urgent matters, that you or others that need to solve at once. The greatest contribution of the fire brigade is to do a good job of fire prevention, not just busy around the fire. Therefore, the "first thing" is the principle of self-management.
Effective people have only a small amount of emergency and crisis events that are very important and need to be dealt with immediately. They focus on important but not urgent matters to maintain the balance between efficiency and efficiency.
Effective management is the most important thing in the first key management. First determine what is the focus of the leadership, their grasp of the key and put it in the first place, so as not to be feelings, emotions or impulses around. If you want to focus on your current priorities, you must first rule out the minor things, and say "no"".
Habit four: away from the arena of the times
People who understand self enrichment, think of life as a stage of cooperation, rather than competition. Most people do not use dichotomy: non strong that is weak, non win that defeat. In fact, the world has given everyone enough space, others have not lost their own. Therefore, the "win-win thinking" has become the principle of interpersonal leadership.
We have to participate in various competitions, examination, training a competitive mentality, you win I lose the fight at outrance. Imagine, who is willing to concede defeat in the game? To establish a win-win thinking is to seek mutual benefit in interpersonal communication, in order to achieve a satisfactory agreement between the two sides are committed to cooperation.
There are three types of personality with a win-win thinking: integrity, maturity, and abundance. They are loyal to their feelings, values and commitment; have the courage to express their thoughts and feelings, thoughts and experience to treat others with open-minded and considerate attitude; that the world has enough development space and resources for everyone to share.
The formation of the concept of self-interest is based on integrity, maturity and open-minded character. Open minded from personal lofty value a sense of security and confidence, and people were so afraid of fame, is even to try infinite possibilities, full of creativity and a broad choice of space.
Habit five: empathy communication
If an eye doctor for patients with glasses, he first took off his glasses to allow the patient to try, the reason is: "I have worn more than 10 years, the effect is very good, give you, anyway, I have a family." Well, everybody knows it won't work. If the doctor also said: "I was very good, you try again, don't panic." While the patient sees everything distorted, the doctor says