The first sale sell character

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Jo Gilad said, some people holding $100 things, but even 10 dollars can not sell, why? Let's see how he does it.
Thirty-five years old that year, Jo Gilad fell to the darkest valley. Desperation, Jo Gilad through the help of a friend to find a car salesman. In 60s, known as the motor city global automotive industrial city of Detroit, at least thirty-nine large automobile sales business, and every 20 to 40 people ranging from sales, it can be said that Detroit is one of the most competitive market in the world.
Jo Gilad, the first by a telephone, a pen, and easily tear down the four page of the telephone book as a list of customers to expand the tourist, as long as some people answer the phone, he would record the occupation, hobby, car needs other life details, although eating a lot of cold-shoulder treatment, but the harvest is good.
Jo Gilad never give up any chance, twelve months a year is continuously sent to different pattern design, with the "I like you forever" card to all customers, the highest monthly cards sent sixteen thousand letters.
"My name is Jo Gilad twelve times a year! When you want to buy a car, you will think of me". Jo Gilad's persistence is impressive. It was with this determination and perseverance, he in the thousands of car business massive build Detroit, literally blaze a new trail.
Jo Gilad also put the name card printed in olive green, reminiscent of a dollar. He opened his eyes every day, every person will name card, each see a face on the one to the other. Jo Gilad explained that the salesman must let the world know what you are selling, and once to strengthen the impression that these people think of a car, will naturally think of Jo Gilad.
Jo Gilad love and name card in public, such as the popular game in the audience, he bags over the name card, he said, while others feel I act weird, but because it is weird, people will remember the profound, and as long as there is a fall into the hands of people who want to buy a car, I earn the Commission will far exceed the cost of the name card.
It took three years, and Jo Gilad finally got his name. For third years he sold 343 cars, fourth years doubled nearly doubled, sold 614 vehicles, from the performance continued to rise, for twelve consecutive years to become the United States GM retail salesperson first, to become the world's greatest car salesman.
Through a brief review of Jo Gilad ten years of sales journey is not difficult to find his killer is the most important, regardless of where to first publicity is their own, even when the product, he will straighten out relations, stressing that only he will make you satisfied with, never happened due to a series of quality service other things will menace from the rear.
In fact, to a certain extent, to this extent, it is only Jo Gilad's character, personality charm, for the purchase of products have been placed in a secondary position. Jo Gilad recommended products people believe that people can safely buy, generally speaking, Jo Gilad has formed its own brand, has been able to win the favor of users, in the area of sales in this time, sales will become the only proud warlords.
Until now, Jo Gilad still keep the name card everywhere GF habits, he said that although the car has not sold, but still selling books, selling and marketing experience in their own life, to seek all possible speech and exposure. Therefore, to the restaurant to run out of food, he is always in the bill with three or four cards and generous tips, through the public phone next to, and do not forget to put a card on the phone, never give up any chance to get a chance to go to the restaurant, and never give up any of the two.
It can be said that Jo Gilad is selling all the time, and in the process of sales, he always pay attention to the sale of his own. He plans to establish its own brand in the sales process from the beginning, because he is very clear, in the sales process, and the product is more important than.
Give an example.
Three years ago, I was on a business trip to the northeast, met in the dealer and the state of the company's total. During the exchange, I found that he had a lot of unique ideas and practices in business. Among them, a means he is not the most all production enterprise product trademark dilution, and his own trademark "one-brand" amplification, posted on various products prominently; enterprises in the sales staff not to wear their uniforms, uniforms to Wanbang overalls. He in the propaganda selling point, the traditional emphasis on product performance, but through the Wanbang quality service, timely supply of spare parts, over three bags of free services such as user concerns such publicity, put up a pageantry, imperceptibly, large user groups gradually diluted products, the invisible, mind is the formation of Wanbang brand.
From entrepreneurship to now, just six or seven years, Li has a large market in the size of the more than and 40, thriving, defeated the operation of more than a decade, two decades of many competitors. Up to now, the user as long as it is to buy agricultural products, they will say with one voice, to find the state.
The same, Li approach is from Joe? Gilad selling point is not to sell goods, but sell their own experience, have evolved to sell goods rather than selling points of production enterprise's brand, but sell their own brand. Regardless of the afterlife