Ladder and safety story

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A long time ago, I heard a story about the ladder and the safety, and now I still think it is profound and deep understanding of safety.
The story goes like this: in the corner of the Tsingtao Brewery group, workers put up a ladder in a corner for convenience. When you use it, you will be able to support the ladder. In order to prevent the ladder down injured person, will attach a "note ladder Caution!" tips. For a few years, people have been using the ladder, and then stand in place, no one feel inappropriate. But one day, a person familiar with the Chinese foreign experts visited the workshop, see the ladder and ladder placed next to the tip, suggested that will prompt modification for "when not in use, please put it across". Soon, a new banners hung, with years of practice has been changed, who finished the ladder will consciously put down the ladder in place.
The same is the 9 word security tips, the same emphasis on security, the difference is that the former only stay in the general reminder, while the latter is a thorough elimination of potential risk factors. It is the nature of this one after the first, to eliminate the role of security risks will be immediate. The number of enterprises, production safety regulations and improve production safety, safety measures are perfect, various forms of education and never relax, even in the execution of production safety is also unambiguous, but why still frequent accidents? In the final analysis, it is precisely because of the "ladder stand up" similar things, but also has been the existence of inertia.
Moreover, some of the enterprise's production safety management is not in place, in terms of production safety guidance on the principles, only talk about the phenomenon, but can not grasp the fundamental, can not find a new way to solve the law and security issues. Especially the safety production management of site safety problems often stay learning rules, organizational safety education, check the surface existing in communication, and no more deeply to find and solve the problem of "put the ladder". If the safety work to do before the accident, do a good job in every aspect of production safety, bit by bit from the start, start from the details, like the foreign experts to "ladder" in the same manner, do more in-depth and meticulous work, we will be able to play the role to eliminate hidden dangers of accidents.
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